mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

The "Tarot Garden" - This unknown in Italy!

The "Tarot Garden" reality and fantasy - art and culture
An itinerary not forget, to the delight of children and for the interest of adults
In these years I have taken note of what this thing surprising is very little known by Italians, as is known worldwide. Several times I went with friends or guests of my structure, Villa Ivy, to visit the Gardens of the Tarot in Pescia Fiorentina, in the village Gravicchio and find, in the large parking lot, very few or no machines Italians, are always present Machines German, French, etc.. or buses with tourists, always foreigners. But even talking to guests, friends or other people, I realized that very few know of your existence, or have heard about but have not gone to visit A "PEARL" among the many itineraries of "My Maremma" a few steps from the Sea and the beaches of Costa Silver "or the famous village of Capalbio
The Tarot Garden is not just my garden. It is also the garden of all those who have helped me make it. I am the Architect of the garden. I imposed my vision because i could not do otherwise. This garden was made with difficulties, love, wild enthusiasm, obsession, and most of all faith. Nothing could have stopped me.As in all fairy tales, before finding the treasure, I met on my path dragons, sorcerers, magicians, and the Angel of Temperance. Legend: Niki de Saint Phalle Today Niki de Saint Phalle is not more between we but its memory alive in the garden and its other numerous works scattered in the world Legend: from

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