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We returned home, the trip went very well

Mr Pizzetti
We returned home, the trip went very well.
Your villa is really beautiful and we spent a wonderful holiday.
His advice on places to visit were precious.
After a year of hard work we managed to find peace, calm and serenity to her ...
Thanks for everything: friendliness, helpfulness, discretion, seriousness.
Emanuela, prof. of Italian - France

Comments from friends in Canada

Dear Jones our time at the villa was amazing. Your villa exceeded our expectations. The villa and the grounds were so clean and well kept and the facilities made our stay so relaxing. It was perfect for a family vacation -- the children enjoyed the pool and grounds and the location in Manciano made for wonderful day trips. The best part of the villa, however, was the hospitable welcome we received from you. You went out of your way to make us feel at home and you were so generous. We truly felt like welcome guests in an Italian home. My husband and I both felt that the best part of our European trip was our stay at your villa in Tuscany Maremma and we would not hesitate to recommend it to all of our friends. We look forward to visiting you again in the near future. Thanks again for all you did. We have such warm memories of Manciano. Hope to see you again soon. Barbara, Rose, Daniel and children Emma, Jesse, Claire, Jacob - (CANADA)

Villa Edera To Maremma Tuscany

For your next vacation, choose Villa Edera in Manciano in the province of Grosseto, near the famous Terme di Saturnia, a prestigious private villa in the heart of Maremma Toscana Its strategic position allows, during breaks to relax between baths in the swimming pool and sun terrace with water at 28/32, according to the times of the year, or stroll through the garden, making numerous trips to know , countries and the beautiful beaches of the Costa d'Argento, Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole, Capalbio, Ansedonia. For lovers of archeology, between 15/40 km, you can deepen the understanding of the mysterious Etruscan civilization, visiting museums and the necropolis of Tarquinia, Vulci, Cerveteri and Sovana. To taste the dishes and especially good wine, you can walk in the "streets of wine hills of the Maremma, where you will find many restaurants, wine bars and especially the cellars of the 6 DOC wines Morellino di Scansano Pitigliano and white. A visit to the imagination "Tarot Garden" known throughout the world, in Pescia Fiorentina. Among the many other ways to provide our customers during their stay, not to mention a bath in the famous "Waterfalls natural hot Gorello" with water at 37 ° throughout the year or a visit in Terme di Saturnia For lovers of wild nature still a visit to "Natural Park of Maremma” in the mountains of Uccellina Alberese A Villa Edera you find 5 apartments of various sizes that can accommodate groups of families of up to 24 people The apartments are furnished with taste and refinement, antique furniture, each with a separate entrance in the large garden and are equipped with all You find a lot more information by visiting our Web site: >>>

My Maremma - The Last Paradise

The beautiful and wild Maremma
I am Maremma by many generations, I love my land and through my website I am trying to make it known worldwide. They visited the maremma, in the last 5 years Finns, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Czechs and Slovenes as well as Russians, America and Canada as well as Japan and Korea. Beyond the French, Swiss, Germans, Dutch and many others. A famous French journalist has published several articles in France by defining the Maremma "le dernier paradis"
The Maremma Toscana Italy is considered a large Natural Museum; it is rich landscapes, of culture, archaeology (Etruscan), art, with the Termalbaths, the clean sea and the beach charmed and the mountains; moreover one can appreciate the maid and traditional local kitchen and the products gastronomical. The soft climate, during all the arc of the year, always allows a stay pleasant and releasing and it can be enjoyed the magic of water natural heats (37°) of the "Falls of Gorello" and famous the Saturnia termal baths
The Tuscany is recognized for wildlife and a sky always clear. The blue sky is the counterpoint to the yellow broom, Pompeian red tiles of roofs, the color of ocher tuff. It was the land of banditry between Grosseto and Viterbo, agricultural reforms, aimed at rehabilitation of the land, stories of cowboys involved in the preservation of racial Maremmana of oxen and horses.
The Maremma painted and represented by the same name Strada dei Vini, is incorporating in its history of wild nature and place of culture and historical importance. Terra di Etruscan but also transit and colonization. A time of swampy areas and today offers a wide breadth of tourism. A recount of the Maremma once, remain today, legends and activities of breeding livestock. At one time, narrate the popular songs, go in Maremma was very dangerous as "malaria", in fact, was widespread in the area. A distant memory now, for this lush land and mild climate, defined the "new frontier of green tourism".
Every holiday that decide to move in Maremma will be different and will have a theme and a route, and every time you take leave from your feelings of the moment. In addition to magical places, there are also the inhabitants of the Maremma, that make this atmosphere so special. Duri but also sincere and jovial, people of Maremma will accompany you during your stay. You will feel "at home" without hypocrisy or mask of any kind, in a place where'd always wanted to live.
In Maremma you can admire the wild island of Montecristo, the lightness of herons which roam free in the countryside or on the hills along the river Ombrone up to the plain and from there to the sea. Or you can enjoy the singing birds which live in the pinewoods, the small lakes, the bushes, the beech woods. Maremma wears the red of the sunsets, the yellow of brooms and sunflowers, the deep blue of the starry night, the green of sown fields, the clear blue of the sea or the warm colours of the autumnal

The "Gorello" and "Waterfalls of the Mulino" di Saturnia Spa in Maremma

According to a legend, Terme di Saturnia, also known to the Etruscans and Romans, were formed at the point where he fell to Earth lightning that Jupiter scagliò against Saturn, mancandolo, following a violent dispute broke out between the two mythological deity. water source flows at about 800 liters per second, which guarantees an excellent natural replacement.
The area of Saturnia Spa presents a freely usable area and an area where it was developed rinomatissimo and luxurious spa delle Terme di Saturnia where, in addition to various cures, is also produced perfumes and creams spa for men and women. The Terme di Saturnia constitute an attractive tourist spa now known worldwide, located in the town of Manciano, in the province of Grosseto, a few kilometers from the village of Saturnia.
The source of Saturnia Spa is all 'inside of a volcanic crater, which leaves the water at a temperature of 37 °, with well-known therapeutic properties, giving relaxation and well-being for the sole dive, which goes to feed the numerous pools of the establishment with numerous games water, waterfalls, paths opposition, whirlpools. The water continues its path giving rise to a stream, said Gorello, which runs alongside the road for over 600 meters, where you can swim, and continue to form a waterfall very suggestive, whose water ends then in the nearby stream Stellata said. The waterfalls are called "Waterfalls of Mulino," because the water flows near an old mill ruined.
When I was small, many years back, I seventy years, these waterfalls were destination for kids where we went cycling and could also swim naked, because there was nobody. Today they are known worldwide but especially by Europeans and are busy day and night, all year During the summer, especially in August and for the long weekend, is almost impossible to swim, for the number of people, but also because the area where you can bagnasi is very small.
In other periods are almost deserted and is a fascinating experience In the spa di Saturnia, to take advantage of swimming pools, can enter even those who do not reside in a hotel, paying a ticket, the price of which unfortunately in recent times has significantly increased. Fortunately, the Gorello and Waterfalls of Mill are still free and not pay nothing and, we hope that they remain so for a long time yet, in this corner enchanted Maremma

The "Tarot Garden" - This unknown in Italy!

The "Tarot Garden" reality and fantasy - art and culture
An itinerary not forget, to the delight of children and for the interest of adults
In these years I have taken note of what this thing surprising is very little known by Italians, as is known worldwide. Several times I went with friends or guests of my structure, Villa Ivy, to visit the Gardens of the Tarot in Pescia Fiorentina, in the village Gravicchio and find, in the large parking lot, very few or no machines Italians, are always present Machines German, French, etc.. or buses with tourists, always foreigners. But even talking to guests, friends or other people, I realized that very few know of your existence, or have heard about but have not gone to visit A "PEARL" among the many itineraries of "My Maremma" a few steps from the Sea and the beaches of Costa Silver "or the famous village of Capalbio
The Tarot Garden is not just my garden. It is also the garden of all those who have helped me make it. I am the Architect of the garden. I imposed my vision because i could not do otherwise. This garden was made with difficulties, love, wild enthusiasm, obsession, and most of all faith. Nothing could have stopped me.As in all fairy tales, before finding the treasure, I met on my path dragons, sorcerers, magicians, and the Angel of Temperance. Legend: Niki de Saint Phalle Today Niki de Saint Phalle is not more between we but its memory alive in the garden and its other numerous works scattered in the world Legend: from

The Saturnia' Baths - The Golf

Do not forget, in the paths tour suggest that in the Maremma, are the Terme di Saturnia. The many swimming pools are available even for those not staying at a hotel, paying the ticket for entry. A visit and a bathroom (free) suggestive waterfalls of "Moulin du Gorello", with water at 37 ° C, will frame your vacation in Maremma The Golf A new opportunity for all those who do not want to give up their favorite sport even during a holiday or a weekend at the spa: a golf course 18 holes, to live all year, thanks to the mild climate of a tourist destination as the Maremma Playing out of the valley delle Terme di Saturnia allow spectacular views of the surrounding cultivated with wheat, sunflower and oats, ordered on olive groves, on numerous wooded spots, the splendid settlements of Saturnia, Montemerano and Poggio Murella and, in the distance on undamaged mountains of Monte Amiata Some texts and photos were taken from the site of Terme di Saturnia "non-profit" but only to give more information on our territory and the structures of tourists - receptive sports. >>>

The Golf all'Argentario - Sea and Nature

Starting the Villa Edera by Manciano, in the Maremma, for lovers of the sport, three golf courses, perhaps the most beautiful and scenic sites in Tuscany.
- a 30 km Argentario Golf Club
Between Grosseto and Capalbio, the heart of Maremma, l 'Argentario Golf Club winds in a' protected oasis of Mediterranean and in every season offers a unique panorama of extraordinary beauty. In a scenario of cork trees and forests of centuries-old olive trees, home of hares, deer and squirrels, you can admire the scenery, unspoiled charm, become intoxicated by the scent of arbutus. The gentle slopes, the sea and the lagoon, are among the 'other, the basic ingredients of this microclimate that allows you to play golf at any time of' year.
A fabulous position that united to the sounds of nature and the charm of small lakes, creating an exciting and unusual that has the ability to attract and involve every player, whatever the level of play.
The practice range offers the opportunity to improve your technical skills while enjoying the charm of the natural landscape.
Some texts and pictures were taken from the site of Argentario Golf Club. To deepen the knowledge consult the website: