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My Maremma - The Last Paradise

The beautiful and wild Maremma
I am Maremma by many generations, I love my land and through my website I am trying to make it known worldwide. They visited the maremma, in the last 5 years Finns, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Czechs and Slovenes as well as Russians, America and Canada as well as Japan and Korea. Beyond the French, Swiss, Germans, Dutch and many others. A famous French journalist has published several articles in France by defining the Maremma "le dernier paradis"
The Maremma Toscana Italy is considered a large Natural Museum; it is rich landscapes, of culture, archaeology (Etruscan), art, with the Termalbaths, the clean sea and the beach charmed and the mountains; moreover one can appreciate the maid and traditional local kitchen and the products gastronomical. The soft climate, during all the arc of the year, always allows a stay pleasant and releasing and it can be enjoyed the magic of water natural heats (37°) of the "Falls of Gorello" and famous the Saturnia termal baths
The Tuscany is recognized for wildlife and a sky always clear. The blue sky is the counterpoint to the yellow broom, Pompeian red tiles of roofs, the color of ocher tuff. It was the land of banditry between Grosseto and Viterbo, agricultural reforms, aimed at rehabilitation of the land, stories of cowboys involved in the preservation of racial Maremmana of oxen and horses.
The Maremma painted and represented by the same name Strada dei Vini, is incorporating in its history of wild nature and place of culture and historical importance. Terra di Etruscan but also transit and colonization. A time of swampy areas and today offers a wide breadth of tourism. A recount of the Maremma once, remain today, legends and activities of breeding livestock. At one time, narrate the popular songs, go in Maremma was very dangerous as "malaria", in fact, was widespread in the area. A distant memory now, for this lush land and mild climate, defined the "new frontier of green tourism".
Every holiday that decide to move in Maremma will be different and will have a theme and a route, and every time you take leave from your feelings of the moment. In addition to magical places, there are also the inhabitants of the Maremma, that make this atmosphere so special. Duri but also sincere and jovial, people of Maremma will accompany you during your stay. You will feel "at home" without hypocrisy or mask of any kind, in a place where'd always wanted to live.
In Maremma you can admire the wild island of Montecristo, the lightness of herons which roam free in the countryside or on the hills along the river Ombrone up to the plain and from there to the sea. Or you can enjoy the singing birds which live in the pinewoods, the small lakes, the bushes, the beech woods. Maremma wears the red of the sunsets, the yellow of brooms and sunflowers, the deep blue of the starry night, the green of sown fields, the clear blue of the sea or the warm colours of the autumnal

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