mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

The "Gorello" and "Waterfalls of the Mulino" di Saturnia Spa in Maremma

According to a legend, Terme di Saturnia, also known to the Etruscans and Romans, were formed at the point where he fell to Earth lightning that Jupiter scagliò against Saturn, mancandolo, following a violent dispute broke out between the two mythological deity. water source flows at about 800 liters per second, which guarantees an excellent natural replacement.
The area of Saturnia Spa presents a freely usable area and an area where it was developed rinomatissimo and luxurious spa delle Terme di Saturnia where, in addition to various cures, is also produced perfumes and creams spa for men and women. The Terme di Saturnia constitute an attractive tourist spa now known worldwide, located in the town of Manciano, in the province of Grosseto, a few kilometers from the village of Saturnia.
The source of Saturnia Spa is all 'inside of a volcanic crater, which leaves the water at a temperature of 37 °, with well-known therapeutic properties, giving relaxation and well-being for the sole dive, which goes to feed the numerous pools of the establishment with numerous games water, waterfalls, paths opposition, whirlpools. The water continues its path giving rise to a stream, said Gorello, which runs alongside the road for over 600 meters, where you can swim, and continue to form a waterfall very suggestive, whose water ends then in the nearby stream Stellata said. The waterfalls are called "Waterfalls of Mulino," because the water flows near an old mill ruined.
When I was small, many years back, I seventy years, these waterfalls were destination for kids where we went cycling and could also swim naked, because there was nobody. Today they are known worldwide but especially by Europeans and are busy day and night, all year During the summer, especially in August and for the long weekend, is almost impossible to swim, for the number of people, but also because the area where you can bagnasi is very small.
In other periods are almost deserted and is a fascinating experience In the spa di Saturnia, to take advantage of swimming pools, can enter even those who do not reside in a hotel, paying a ticket, the price of which unfortunately in recent times has significantly increased. Fortunately, the Gorello and Waterfalls of Mill are still free and not pay nothing and, we hope that they remain so for a long time yet, in this corner enchanted Maremma

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